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“Eyeej,” [ayay] the tiger replied, as if in pain,
its head moving out still see farther, while
Tracy’s own eyes dived into the young lady’s.
The hum and the diving happened at the same
time. The girl heard the hum, received the dive,
almost stopped, almost smiled, pushed herself
tighter against the yellow knit dress, and then
danced on, the tiger moaning softly.
“Is that what they say in California?”
Nimmo said. “Eyeej,”Tracy said. “Say it again,”
Peberdy said. Tracy, watching the girl go,
watching the tiger lope after her, said it again.
“Hear that, Ringert?” Peberdy said.
“That’s what they say in California when they see a beauty.

William Saroyan: Tracy‘s tiger